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OWNER AND CEO OF Folklore florals

Summer Rhodes

We're more efficient, and productive, and our profitability has soared. Lennon's services have been a breath of fresh air in the business world, and I can't thank her enough for the transformation she's brought to Folklore Florals.

"Lennon's effortless style and down-to-earth approach immediately put me at ease. "

Our customer experience, which had been a cornerstone of our brand, was suffering. 

Our rapid growth had left us struggling to manage orders, inventory, and customer communication.

We were drowning in paperwork and manual processes, which not only affected our efficiency but also impacted our customer experience. We knew we needed a change, but we didn't know where to start.

The Dilemma

Our team was stretched thin, working long hours to keep up with the demands, and it was taking a toll on morale.

Orders were getting mixed up, inquiries were falling through the cracks, and we knew we couldn't continue like this. Our dilemma was clear – how could we maintain our commitment to quality and personalized service while managing the challenges that came with growth?

We needed a solution that would not only address our immediate problems but also set us up for sustainable success. That's when we turned to Lennon for help.

The Breaking Point

Elevated Customer Experience

This newfound efficiency translated into a reduction in labor costs.

Increased Efficiency

Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

They implemented efficient order management processes

Streamlined Operations

The Results



Lennon helped us identify our pain points and created a custom blueprint to address them. It was clear, actionable, and tailored to our unique needs. But what truly set Lennon apart was her ongoing support. She didn't just hand us a plan and disappear; she was there every step of the way, providing guidance, making adjustments, and ensuring the seamless integration of our new systems.

Thanks to Lennon, we went from frazzled to focused. Our business is now organized and stylish, exactly how I envisioned it. We're more efficient, and productive, and our profitability has soared. 

"She didn't just hand us a plan and disappear"